Year 9

Education Perfect provides excellent support to students studying at Year 9. The key knowledge, understanding and skills required by the Australian curriculum at this level are comprehensively covered by a full range of lessons across English, Maths, Science and Languages.

Using the interactive EP platform, students will also develop their communication, digital and higher-level thinking skills. Each lesson has been designed by a subject expert with teacher consultation at each step.

For Teachers

EP offers Year 9 teachers a full range of curriculum-aligned lessons, each built by an expert in that subject area, with full teacher consultation. Pre-built lessons can easily be tailored to meet individual classroom needs and teachers can build their own lessons and assessments within the platform. EP makes it simple to track the learning progress of individual students; it facilitates planning and post topic reflection and analysis. Teachers can provide students with instant feedback on the platform and implement differentiation strategies with ease.

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Curriculum aligned lessons



Learning videos



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Automatically Marked Questions

Why Use EP for Year 9?

EP is adjustable for every style of teaching. It’s built to enhance your ability as a teacher and offer your child both structured and flexible methods of learning. The platform allows you to adapt for individual strengths and weaknesses so every learner feels supported.

You can:
Create your own courses
Follow our pre built outlines
Engage your learner with our interest led functionality
Real time 24/7 tracking of student progress

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