Year 12

The EP platform provides a comprehensive foundation for high achievement at Year 12 in line with the key knowledge, competencies and skills outlined in the Australian curriculum. Offering thousands of lessons across maths, science, languages and English, EP, whilst enabling students to develop the General Capabilities required at this level, offers students the opportunity to develop their digital, communicative and higher- level thinking skills.

Engaging lessons providing full instruction and explanations, interesting content and a variety of activities and practice exercises sharpen skills and advance competency. Additionally, students receive instant feedback and next steps are identified. Each lesson has been designed by an expert in the field and teachers have been consulted at every stage to ensure the best possible outcomes.

For Teachers

Providing quality learning experiences for Year 12 students is made easier with EP – the platform offers comprehensive, curriculum-aligned lessons across many subject areas that are fully customisable and which, along with assessments, can be assigned to individuals or classes. Teachers who prefer to develop their own lesson content can do so, using the online tools provided on the platform – teachers can create text, upload files, import images and audio-visual material or create their own soundfiles.

In every EP lesson, the teacher has the capacity to determine time limits and set the number of attempts at questions. Additionally, learning progress can be tracked, data easily captured and analysed, timely feedback given and next steps or areas for review determined. Differentiation amongst students is greatly facilitated and anecdotal and data-related information is easily accessible for reporting purposes. The platform provides a full-school solution tailored to the needs of the individual learner.

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Why Use EP for Year 12?

EP is adjustable for every style of teaching. It’s built to enhance your ability as a teacher and offer your child both structured and flexible methods of learning. The platform allows you to adapt for individual strengths and weaknesses so every learner feels supported.

You can:
Create your own courses
Follow our pre built outlines
Engage your learner with our interest led functionality
Real time 24/7 tracking of student progress

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