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Our world is a global place, a connected, mobile and integrated place that is complex and diverse. In order to understand this world EP has thousands of interactive lessons, literacy activities and assessments to support geographical knowledge acquisition, develop understanding of geographical concepts, and teach the geographical inquiry process and skills. The EP Year 7 to Year 10 Geography curriculum resources align to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Geography and the study of our complex world is a science, and it therefore has its own methods, processes, concepts and skills necessary to acquire geographical knowledge and follow the geographical inquiry process. To know and understand why the world is the way it is, students need to understand the interconnections between people, places and environments over place and time. Nothing is in isolation. The EP Australian Geography curriculum is set in a structured way in order to explore, analyse and understand the places that make up the world and the relationships between them. The EP Geography smart lessons are organised into two related strands: geographical knowledge and understanding, and geographical inquiry and skills.

EP smart lessons support student knowledge acquisition of the geographical facts, principles, theories and models necessary to understand different environments in the world. Our thousands of lessons explore different places and spaces in the world as well as their connection to people, sustainability and change. Geographical understanding is promoted through each of these lessons, aiding students in their ability to see the relationships between each of these Geographical knowledge elements and then apply them to other situations or scenarios.

Our EP Geography Skills and Concepts lessons develop transferable skills and geographical understanding, such as; critical thinking, the ability to ask geographically-relevant questions, interpret sources of data, collect data, perform research and analysis, understanding case and effect, understand concepts such as place, space, interconnection, change, sustainability and scale, and to explain and communicate in different ways. Encourage students to develop a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world, it’s people, places, cultures and environments using the EP Geography resources.

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