Education Perfect
for the New Zealand Curriculum

Education Perfect (EP) offers supplementary teaching and learning resources for Years 4-13 of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) in English, Maths, Science and a range of languages, including te reo Māori and gagana Sāmoa.

EP also supports Social Sciences, with comprehensive coverage of Aotearoa NZ’s Histories at Years 4-10 and supporting resources for ESOL and Health & PE.

As the NZC develops, EP will provide updated, Te Mātaiaho-aligned resources rich in mātauranga Māori, including NCEA.

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Providing curriculum-aligned resources

EP supports curriculum-aligned learning through:

  • Resources that are aligned and updated to current curricula. This includes the Phases of learning for English, Maths and Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories in Te Mātaiaho and NCEA L1 English, Maths and Science
  • Thematic Aotearoa-specific content, including lessons rich in mātauranga Māori, written by kaiako Māori, and texts from Māori and Pasifika writers such as Tusiata Avia, Tayi Tibble and Airana Ngarewa
  • Te Ao Māori, a course that introduces learners to te reo and tikanga Māori and Beginners’ Samoan, new lessons on culture and gagana Sāmoa
  • Learning Objectives that use the SOLO taxonomy, allowing for further differentiation within lessons
  • Fully-customisable which allows for the inclusion of localised curricula

Customised experiences for students

The NZC is undergoing a once-in-a-generation change. Te Mātaiaho is designed to give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and to be inclusive of all ākonga. As the curricula for each of the learning areas have rolled out, EP has partnered with academics and teachers to create a wide range of resources and assessment tools for Aotearoa New Zealand Histories, Maths, English as well as NCEA Level 1 in Science, Maths and English. Over 2024 and 2025, as new curricula are released, EP will be there to support teachers with dynamic, curriculum-aligned resources.

These resources will be arranged in the new Phases of Learning (e.g. Phase 2 = Years 4-6) and will incorporate the interwoven Understand-Know-Do model from Te Mātaiaho. The new lessons will also be structured using the SOLO taxonomy to add an extra layer of differentiation for teachers. Opportunities for Literacy and Numeracy learning will be included across all new content. EPt’s resources perfectly complement the required focus on local curriculum. We focus on general, national contexts, provide suggested activities, and leave teachers to explore local contexts with their students.

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“Education Perfect is an excellent resource, particularly for differentiation. I can easily assign a mixture of material at adjacent levels of the NZC for students who need extension, and the same for those who need acceleration to meet the expected curriculum level. It is great that after completing an assessment, students are told what tasks they can do to improve their understanding. So wonderful”

– Joseph Durkin-Gorman from Papanui High School, Christchurch

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