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Westlake International School adopts Education Perfect to consolidate their resources, enabling them to future-ready students

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Westlake International School is a fully accredited Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) school. Based in Kampar, a two hour drive from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the school offers the complete Cambridge curriculum starting from Early Years through to Advanced.


Westlake International School

EP Subscriptions

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The complete Cambridge curriculum starting from Early Years through to the Advanced Level

Westlake International School’s teaching strategies combine international best practices and effective technology learning tools to ensure that all students are engaged in their learning. Their classroom practices focus on the development of the core 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication, to ensure that their students are future ready. The school subscribes to Education Perfect for Modern Foreign Languages, English and Science.

Education Perfect is supporting Westlake International’s School to prepare students for the future by:

  • Providing content that relates to life outside the classroom Empowering students to manage their own learning Catering for differentiated learning abilities and styles
  • Supporting traditional and hybrid classrooms
  • Freeing up teacher time to focus on students individually

The Challenge

Westlake International School was seeking to replace textbooks with a more interactive experience for students. The school wanted to broaden curriculum content, personalise learning, minimise manual assessment, improve individual progress tracking, and extend interaction beyond the classroom.

Feedback from the Modern Foreign Languages Department

“Education Perfect motivates my students learning while having fun at the same time. The ready-made content saves me a lot of time preparing assignments. I can create my own smart lessons which align to my subject syllabus. EP is really a great teaching and learning platform!” – Ms Loh

“EP is a very useful tool to help students improve their vocabulary and essay writing skill.” – Ms S00

“As a language teacher, Education Perfect’s pronunciation practice and language exercises are a gamechanger. My students’ language skills have improved significantly.” – Ms Lee

“Using smart learning that adjusts to each student and real-time information, EP made learning more interesting and helped students do better in their studies.” – Ms Kok

A Solution for Every Department

English – Interactive teaching and learning

The English department are the most active users of Education Perfect at Westlake International School. Yao-Jin Choong, Senior Head Teaching & Learning recalls, “Most of our lessons were heavily textbook, exercise-worksheet based; EP provided us with a different platform for the students to learn and have fun. EP was a breath of fresh air for the students, moving them away from the idea of just writing with pen and paper to listening and speaking activities.”

The teachers integrated EP into the Learning Management System, sharing assignments with students via Google Classroom, “Students were engaged by the interactivity and happy that they could work at their own pace. Teachers appreciated how EP breaks down multiple aspects of the language into mini chapters or sequences that the students can focus on. They monitored student progress and worked on students’ strengths and weaknesses.”

Yao-Jin Choong

Senior Head Of Teaching and Learning

Mandarin & Malay – personalised learning

The Mandarin & Malay Departments’ decision to adopt EP was motivated by a desire for more effective, personalised learning. EP’s promise of ready-made content, automation, and tailored analysis addressed this need and enhanced the learning experience significantly. Mrs Loh, Mandarin teacher, explains, “EP benefited our Chinese teaching with ready-made resources saving us time, and the personalised smart lessons aligned perfectly with the syllabus. Students benefited from accessing EP at home, enriching in-class discussions. EP’s analytics dashboard enabled progress tracking, further enhancing learning outcomes.”

Science – differentiation

Yao-Jin Choong identifies differentiation as the key issue for the Science Department, “Teachers often provided students of different abilities the same worksheet. As a result, weaker students showed a lack of interest in the subject whilst at the same time stronger students felt bored and unchallenged.”

The teachers immediately saw the potential of EP, “Teachers could easily create smart lessons and assessments by selecting the ready-made content. Within the smart lessons they selected certain questions to be optional, allowing more able students to go deeper whilst less able students could learn at their own pace and self-check their answers easily with the help of the sample answers provided.”

Differentiation was further supported by the quality of the content and the level of interactivity, “EP made science more accessible to all students as it covers knowledge beyond the classroom that is related to real life and also provides a variety of engaging assessments formats.”

EP is now firmly embedded in the Science Department as a multipurpose tool, “They use it as a starter for students to learn independently and actively before lessons, after learning to check the students’ progress, and for revision material.”

Inspiring best practice

Yao-Jin Choong believes that teachers across all departments have been enthused by the integration of EP, “EP supports educators with a community, best practices, and training, keeping them updated on trends. Webinars, virtual communities, as well as EP’s time-saving features made teaching easier and effective.”

She notes that the teachers particularly appreciated the newsletter for teachers offering hints and tips on pedagogy and edtech, “EP has truly inspired best practice for independent learning and flipped classroom.”

4th at the EP Global Learning Festival

EP host a range of engaging competitions for students every year, giving students the opportunity to take part in exciting events, and compete with peers in different locations around the world.

“Our students love the global competitions. We have small groups of students who are very competitive meaning we often have a few Gold, Emerald and even Elite winners for each competition. Most recently we achieved 4th in the global ranking!”

The Impact

The teaching teams at Westlake International School shared the significant benefits for both teachers and students across all departments:

Benefits for Teachers

Data-driven insights: EP provides us with detailed analytics and reports on individual and class performance. We can identify struggling students early and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly, leading to improved student outcomes.

Content creation tools: EP offers easy-to-use content creation tools, allowing us all to develop custom quizzes, assignments, and interactive lessons. This empowers us to create engaging and relevant materials that resonate with our students.

Collaborative spaces: the platform includes collaborative spaces where teachers and students can interact outside of the traditional classroom setting. This fosters a sense of community and facilitates group projects and discussions.

Professional Development: EP offers professional development resources for teachers. This helps us stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies and technology trends, with a number of our staff attending.

Benefits for Students

Engaging content: EP offers a variety of interactive content, such as videos, even space to write essay lessons, making learning enjoyable and engaging for our students. This is boosting motivation and leading to better retention of knowledge.

Personalised learning: our students receive individualised learning recommendations based on their performance and preferences. They can progress at their own pace, ensuring they grasp concepts thoroughly before moving on.

Immediate feedback: the platform provides instant feedback on assignments and quizzes. This allows our students to identify areas where they need improvement and make necessary adjustments to their study habits.

Access Anytime, Anywhere: EP is accessible on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This flexibility allows students to learn at their convenience, promoting a healthy work-life-study balance.

Rewards: EP incorporates gamification elements, such as badges and rewards for achievements, making the learning process more fun and motivating for all of our students.


Westlake International School was seeking a solution to reduce their reliance on textbooks and worksheets that failed to motivate, differentiate and meet the expectations of a 21st century learner. Education Perfect’s smart lessons provided engaging personalised content and learning experiences tailored to the needs of individual students. Teachers saved time spent creating worksheets, instead dedicating themselves to supporting students. The positive learning outcomes have been significant.


Feb 08, 2024


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